Focus on the Essence – Simplify the Complex – Create Solutions

Our consultants will support your organization with the setup & implementation of your project & portfolio management as well as solving complex challenges or issues.

Our consultants are also eager to support your organization with:

  • Project & portfolio management
  • Project schedule reviews
  • Interactive planning sessions
  • Project control audits
  • Dashboard development
  • Project management & control training

“People come first since we believe that people with diverse backgrounds and different insights provide the basis for finding the best solutions.”


Expert knowledge in Project Management & Control

Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of both predictive (waterfall)
and adaptive (agile) project management methods. They are specialists in
the use of project management software including Oracle Primavera P6,
MsProject and Risk Analysis and have extensive experience in various
branches such as the petrochemical, offshore and civil engineering sector.

Our team consists of:

  • Project management professionals
  • Planning professionals
  • Project in time professionals *(see page Solutions)
  • Cost control professionals
  • Estimating professionals
  • Document control professionals

Join our Team

Interested in becoming part of our team? Please contact us at or leave a message via the contact button on our website and we’ll get right back to you.

We look forward to meeting you!

Direct Hire

People selection & fit for purpose training for your organization

At level3 we do not only intend to become your partner in all aspects of project management & controls, but also to help you select and train the right people for your organization.

We offer the possibility that your organization can directly hire a level3 employee after one year of service through level3.
As part of that one year of service through level3 we will maximize the development of the individual by the means of the level3 academy education program. After completion of the first year through level3 your potential new employee will have a strong basis in project management & control. This will greatly benefit your organization and the employee in your joint future together.

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